Working Groups

Working Groups

The Working Groups are the backbone of the 3-A SSI consensus document development process. The bulk of the standards development work is carried out by the 14 working groups, consisting of experts representing fabricators of related types of equipment, systems, and materials and representatives of the users and sanitarian stakeholder groups. Explore each group below.

Note: 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. (3-A SSI) has moved to an “A- and B-level” document hierarchy. With an A/B level standards system, the general overall equipment sanitary requirements are contained in a master, or base, “A-level” General Requirements Standard. The technical requirements unique to the specific equipment within the scope of the standard are contained in the “B-level” Standard.

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Submit an application to modify, create, or withdraw a 3-A Sanitary Standard or Accepted Practice. Your request will be reviewed by the 3-A Steering Committee for approval. After your request is processed, you will be informed whether or not it has been forwarded to the appropriate Working Group.

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Public Review Comments Due 11/15/2023 for Original Steering Committee Ballot for approval of Proposal B-13-11-A (N282), Revision of 3-A Sanitary Standard for Farm Milk Cooling and Holding Tanks, Number 13-11 - for a copy of the Proposal contact

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This report lists projects the 3-A SSI Working Groups are currently undertaking. It is updated on a routine basis.


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The sharing of expertise in a Working Group meeting is critical to the 3-A Sanitary Standards and 3-A Accepted Practice development process and will expand your knowledge, provide a forum for your voice to be heard, and help establish relationships with colleagues throughout your industry.

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