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3-A SSI Affiliate Membership

Your opportunity to help ensure that the food and other processing industries are better equipped to maintain high standards of hygiene and foodsafety.
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Your Invitation to 3-A SSI Affiliate Membership

Hygienic design of processing equipment is the bedrock of assuring the safety of all types of foods and other consumer products.

3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. (3-A SSI) has a long and distinguished record of advancing food safety through hygienic design of equipment. The 3-A Symbol, displayed on qualified equipment, conveys assurance of meeting the design criteria of 3-A Sanitary Standards, long regarded as the “Gold Standard” for hygienic equipment design.3-A

3-A SSI now offers an expanded resource of foundation education and training on hygienic equipment design to serve the common interests of professionals at all skill levels, including the world’s leading equipment fabricators, food processors and regulatory sanitarians.

Join 3-A SSI to Advance Hygienic Design in Your Industry

3-A SSI Affiliate Membership is the nexus for committed organizations to learn and share under the umbrella of 3-A SSI to help ensure that the food and other processing industries are better equipped to maintain high standards of hygiene and food safety.

This membership is offered exclusively to not-for-profit associations (not individuals or companies). 3-A SSI Affiliate Membership offers:
  • A proven and trusted platform for collaboration and information sharing among your members. Equipment fabricators share their expertise in designing equipment that is easy to clean and maintain. Processors provide insights into the specific challenges they face in maintaining hygiene during processing. Regulatory sanitarians provide guidance on regulations, industry standards and practices and help ensure that equipment and systems meet the necessary requirements for product safety.
  • An expert forum to develop and promote best practices for hygienic equipment design and operation. This can include recommendations for equipment, materials and construction, design features that promote cleanability, and maintenance protocols to ensure that equipment remains hygienic over time.
  • A resource for education and training for your members on the importance of hygienic design and maintenance. This can include training on specific equipment and systems, as well as broader education on the principles of food safety and the risks associated with poor hygienic practices.

Specific Benefits

The benefits of 3-A SSI Affiliate Membership include:
  • Opportunity to participate and vote in 3-A SSI working groups and committees.
  • Recognition on the 3-A SSI website as an Affiliate Member.
  • Identification with the 3-A SSI mission as a forward-looking organization with a shared commitment to Advancing Food Safety Through Hygienic Design.
  • Full access to 3-A SSI Knowledge Resources on hygienic design and the ability to disseminate these resources to your association members.
  • Distribution of the quarterly 3-A SSI newsletter Sanitary Design Connections free of charge to your association members.
  • Opportunity to collaborate and partner with 3-A SSI in planning and promoting specialized education and training programs and other resources for your association members.  Examples of partner education may be through general sessions or customized breakout sessions on topics such as basic education on hygienic equipment design, challenges/opportunities in the industry, hands-on training, FSMA or liaison with regulatory authorities, case studies in hygienic design, etc.
  • Opportunity to help plan the annual 3-A SSI Summit on Hygienic Design and discounted registration fees for your association members.
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