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3-A SSI Invites Nominations for the 2021 Volunteer Service Awards

It is the mission of 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. (3-A SSI) to enhance product safety for consumers of food, beverages, and pharmaceutical products through the development and use of 3-A Sanitary Standards and 3-A Accepted Practices.  3-A SSI relies on a network of engaged and committed volunteers to forge consensus on the voluntary standards and practices that are central to this mission.

The annual Volunteer Service Awards program of 3-A SSI recognizes the creativity, dedication and commitment of individuals who contribute to the mission of 3-A SSI and participate in the 3-A SSI voluntary standards development and promotion activities.  These awards constitute a highly visible and significant form of recognition for the outstanding service of these individuals.   

Eligibility of Candidates and Sponsors

Representatives of industry, government, academia, consumer organizations and others in the 3-A SSI voluntary consensus community may be nominated for an award.  While in office, 3-A SSI officers and directors, and 3-A SSI employees, are not eligible for any award.

Nominations may be submitted by any individual associated with the work of 3-A SSI and familiar with the outstanding service of volunteers.  Nominations submitted with the endorsement of an entire group will be considered accordingly.  Nominations submitted directly by 3-A SSI staff will be considered at the discretion of the Awards Committee.


The awards are administered as follows:

  1. The 3-A SSI Awards Committee, consisting of the chair, vice chair, and the immediate past-chair of the Board of Directors, will consider the nominations received for each award.
  2. Only one recipient per year will be awarded in each classification.  If, in the judgment of the Awards Committee, no candidates meet the eligibility requirements, an award may not be given.
  3. Nominations must be submitted on the 2021 Volunteer Service Award Nomination Form.  Only one award nomination may be made on this form.  The submission must include a detailed description of the nominee’s accomplishments, vision, leadership, and commitment, as well as relevant examples of achievements that fulfill the award’s criteria.  Nominations must be submitted to 3-A SSI Headquarters by April 2, 2021 via email to trugh@3-a.org or mail to 3-A SSI, 6888 Elm Street, Suite 2D, McLean, VA 22101.
  4. Award winners will be announced at the 3-A SSI Annual Meeting and on the 3-A SSI website.  A news release will be issued.
  5. Nominations are valid for only one year, but may be re-submitted each year up to a maximum of three consecutive years, however, nominations must be submitted within seven years of the nominee’s initial service to 3-A SSI. 

Presentation of Awards

Successful nominees are notified of their election by 3-A SSI.  The Award shall consist of an etched crystal tower, or similar item, and a certificate frame plaque with an inscription from 3-A SSI.

2021 Awards Committee

The awards committee is comprised of the following officers of the 3-A SSI Board of Directors:

Mr. Chris Hylkema, Chair, 3-A SSI Board of Directors

Mr. Ken Anderson, Vice-chair

Mr. Lyle Clem, Immediate Past Chair

3-A SSI Awards 

Leadership Service Award

The Leadership Service Award is presented to an individual or group who demonstrates a record of significant contribution to 3-A SSI voluntary standards development and who has demonstrated outstanding service in enabling 3-A SSI to attain its objectives.  Examples of the type of service that warrant nomination include:

  • Successful leadership of a major new activity, such as the establishment of a new
    Working Group or drafting group.
  • Revitalizing a dormant activity.
  • Reducing the cycle time of 3-A SSI standards development.
  • Unusually productive service in 3-A SSI Working Group or committee work.
  • Any other outstanding service or activity that has greatly enhanced the prestige or standing, and advanced the interests of, a particular Working Group or committee.

3-A SSI ‘Richard K. Smith’ Advancement Award

Named in lasting honor of one of 3-A SSI’s most dedicated and unselfish contributors, the 3-A SSI Advancement Award honors outstanding accomplishments performed by any individual or group on behalf of 3-A SSI.  Recipients are selected by the Awards Committee; nominations are not required, though they will be considered.  Examples of the type of service that warrant nomination include:

  • Advancing the recognition/application of 3-A Sanitary Standards or 3-A Accepted Practices.
  • Advancing the use of 3-A Sanitary Standards or 3-A Accepted Practices in regulation.
  • Influencing public policy regarding the positive role of 3-A Sanitary Standards or 3-A Accepted Practices. 
  • Fostering widespread recognition/appreciation of 3-A SSI among its principal stakeholder groups. 
  • Successful academic outreach-oriented to the mission and objectives of 3-A SSI. 
  • Noteworthy public benefit resulting from exemplary 3-A SSI work. 
  • Any other outstanding service or activity that has greatly enhanced the prestige or standing, and advanced the interests of, 3-A SSI as a whole.

Next Generation Award

The Next Generation Award honors an individual who has been engaged in 3-A SSI standards development activities for less than five years and who has, during this time, demonstrated vision, leadership, dedication and significant contributions to the development of 3-A Sanitary Standards or 3-A Accepted Practices.  Examples of the type of service that warrant nomination include those listed under the Leadership Service Award.

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