3-A Process Certificate Program

3-A Process Certificate Holders


Provisions of 3-A Process Certificate

This program is intended for use by applicants that utilize a process conforming to the design, installation, or use criteria of a 3-A Accepted Practice.  Applicants are limited to processors of food products and to complete system design and installation firms or distributor/installers for such a complete system utilizing the applicable 3-A Accepted Practice.

Systems covered by the 3-A Accepted Practice for the Sanitary Construction, Installation, Testing, and Operation of High-Temperature Short-Time and Higher-Heat Shorter-Time Pasteurizer Systems, Number 603- are not eligible for this program.

Fabricators of components of the eligible 3-A Accepted Practice systems may apply for certification under the 3-A SSI Replacement Parts and Systems Components Qualification Certificate Program.  They are not eligible under the 3-A Process Certification (PC) Program, as they do not fabricate complete systems.

To obtain the Certificate, the applicant must submit a Third Party Verification (TPV) inspection for the 3-A Accepted Practice on the basis of an on-site detailed physical evaluation of an operating system in a processing facility or by reviewing the EDTCF and inspecting available components at a system design and installation firm, utilizing the particular 3-A Accepted Practice(s) for which the applicant has requested a 3-A PC. The TPV inspection shall confirm that all details of the 3-A Accepted Practice are in conformance.

A checklist of the specific documents that must be submitted to 3-A SSI in the respective application package is shown in the section 3-A Process Certification Forms in the TPV Manual sections shown in the checklist.

See the 3-A SSI Manual for Third Party Verification (TPV) for 3-A Symbol Authorization and 3-A Process Certification.

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