Third Party Verification Programs and Resources

How can you tell whether the food processing equipment you use or specify meets criteria for sanitary design?  You can rely on 3-A SSI design criteria and the extra assurance of sanitary design integrity that comes from the voluntary Third Party Verification (TPV) inspection programs of 3-A SSI.

3-A Sanitary Standards and 3-A Accepted Practices serve a critical role in the public health and safety of the food processing system.  The TPV inspection program is designed to enhance the integrity of the 3-A SSI programs by affirming that equipment fabricated in accordance to 3-A Sanitary Standards or processing systems are manufactured and installed in accordance to 3-A Accepted Practices. The independent TPV inspection programs of 3-A SSI provide assurance of hygienic equipment design and thereby benefits regulatory sanitarians, equipment fabricators, processors, and consumers.

The requirement for a thorough, independent TPV inspection is a central requirement of these 3-A SSI voluntary programs:

If you believe there is a non-conformance issue with equipment which bears a valid 3-A Symbol authorization, a process covered by a valid 3-A PC, or equipment covered by a valid 3-A RPSCQC please reference Section F4 of Manual for Third Party Verification (TPV).


Getting Started

Understand the Requirements for a TPV Inspection

If you are interested in one or more of these programs, we suggest you begin with reading the requirements for all TPV inspections.  These requirements are found in the 3-A SSI Manual for Third Party Verification (TPV) for 3-A Symbol Authorization and 3-A Process Certification.

Contract With a CCE to Provide the Necessary TPV Inspection Services

The TPV inspection must be conducted by an independent, credentialed authority, known as a Certified Conformance Evaluator (CCE). The CCE conducts the TPV inspection and provide your inspection report. A CCE is an independent contractor, not an employee or an agent of 3-A SSI.  The TPV inspection is to be performed under agreement between the CCE and the prospective licensee. 3-A SSI does not accept other certifications or approvals in lieu of the TPV inspection. The TPV inspection fee is independent of all other license or certificate fees.

The applicant must identify and contract a CCE to conduct the necessary TPV inspection services. We strongly suggest that you begin the process of making application for any of the 3-A SSI voluntary programs by selecting and engaging a CCE. We recommend you prepare and distribute a Request for Proposal (RFP) to all CCEs.  The RFP should describe the type of equipment or processing system that will be inspected, the anticipated time period and the location where you desire to have the inspection conducted. Once you have established a relationship with your CCE, the CCE can share the benefit of substantial experience and training to help you prepare and complete the application process.

See details on the Certified Conformance Evaluator Program and a link to CCE Resources.