Manage 3-A Symbol Authorizations (Apply/Renew/Amend)

Application for a New 3-A Symbol Authorization Quick Guide

3-A Symbol Use and Display Video

New 3-A Symbol Authorization or Certificate

All application materials must be submitted on-line.  To begin, you will need to create an online profile, complete payment, and agree to provisions of the 3-A SSI License Agreement.  New applicants are encouraged to view the Quick Guide for an overview of the steps to follow in the application process, including creating your user account, please visit the Application for a New 3-A Symbol Quick Guide

The requirement for a thorough, independent Third Party Verification (TPV) inspection is a central requirement of these 3-A SSI voluntary programs. The TPV inspection requirement is designed to protect the integrity of the 3-A SSI programs by affirming that candidate equipment or processing systems are in conformance.  Complete details on the requirements for these programs are available in the 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. Manual for Third Party Verification (TPV) for 3-A Symbol Authorization, 3-A Process Certification (PC &3-A Replacement Parts and System Component Qualification Certificate (RPSCQC) Programs: TPV Manual

Contract With a CCE to Provide the Necessary TPV Inspection Services

The TPV inspection must be conducted by an independent, credentialed authority, known as a Certified Conformance Evaluator (CCE).  The applicant must identify and contract a CCE to conduct the necessary TPV inspection services. The CCE you select can assist you in making application for any of the 3-A SSI voluntary programs.

See details on the Certified Conformance Evaluator Program and a link to CCE Resources.

Renew or Amend an Existing 3-A Symbol Authorization or Certificate

3-A SSI maintains an on-line system for licensees to submit a renewal or an amendment to an existing 3-A Symbol authorization or a certificate.  The Primary Contact you have designated for your authorization or certificate must access the account to submit your renewal or amendment.  You can find a user-friendly introduction to this system under the Quick Guides Introduction to the New 3-A SSI Online System.

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Replacement Parts and System Component Qualification Certificate Program

Directory of current holders of Replacement Parts and System Component Qualification Certificates

Provisions of the Replacement Parts and System Component Qualification Certificate Program

Participation in the 3-A SSI Replacement Parts and System Component Qualification Certificate (RPSCQC) Program is open to manufacturers of replacements parts or system components.  The RPSCQC is beneficial to certificate holders and customers because it affirms that such parts or system components are compatible with the design criteria found in the relevant 3-A Sanitary Standard(s).  The RPSCQC is often used use in sales or marketing information.

Applicants for a RPSCQC must submit all application materials on-line to 3-A SSI, including all required supporting information and payment. A company executive is required to verify the application, the Certificate of Quality Control, Certification of Conformance, and the 3-A RPSCQC Program Agreement.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) which hold a 3-A Symbol authorization or complete systems manufacturing/installation firms need not participate in this program. OEMs which have been granted a 3-A Symbol Authorization are considered as having met the requirements of this program for all associated replacement parts.   Complete systems manufacturing/installation firms should not participate in the 3-A process Certificate Program.

See the 3-A SSI Manual for Third Party Verification (TPV) for 3-A Symbol Authorization, RPSCQC Certification and 3-A Process Certification for more information.

Manage a Replacement Parts and System Component Qualification Certificate.

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