Pharmaceutical 3-A

P3-A Symbol Authorization

The new Pharmaceutical 3-A (P3-A) Symbol was introduced in 2008 with the approval of the first new P3-A American National Standards. The new mark combines the established and respected 3-A Symbol with the stylized ‘P’ to indicate conformance to a P3-A Standard.

The P3-A Symbol is intended for use in conjunction with the marketing of equipment and machinery that meets the requirements of published P3-A Standards, subject to specific requirements of 3-A SSI for reproducing or displaying the mark and general licensing provisions of 3-A SSI.

Use of the P3-A Symbol is strictly voluntary, subject to the requirements of 3-A SSI. The Third Party Verification (TPV) inspection requirement for use of the P3-A Symbol enhances the recognition and the value of the P3-A Symbol for equipment fabricators, regulatory professionals and processors alike. For a description of the TPV inspection requirements for use of the P3-A Symbol, see information under Third Party Verification Programs and Resources, Certified Conformance Evaluators.

The P3-A Symbol Benefits All Stakeholders

Customers Value P3-A

Users and specifiers of equipment used for the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) gain confidence in the compatibility of equipment because experts on equipment design, pharmaceutical production and other authorities helped develop each P3-A Standard. They know the equipment meets basic criteria for the intended application.

Equipment Fabricators Value P3-A

Equipment fabricators gain broad acceptance of their products across the country because the P3-A Symbol conveys the equipment conforms to materials, design and fabrication criteria critical to acceptance by customers and regulatory authorities. P3-A Standards criteria help reduce the cost of dies, tools and intended delivery time that would result without uniform criteria.

To obtain authorization to use the P3-A Symbol, use the link below to download the application and license agreement.

Application for P3-A Standards Symbol Authorization (DOC)