Annual Meeting Presentations

This section features PowerPoint presentations from the 3-A SSI past Annual Meetings. The documents are divided by topic for easier navigation and are available for download in PDF format.


Overview of Hygienic Design N/A

Holistic Approach to Hygienic Design - Larry Hanson, CIP Concepts, LLC, 2017    
Building and Sustaining Hygienic Design for Food Processing, Alejandro Echeverry, 2016
3-A SSI for Beginners and the Basics of Sanitary Design, Carl Buell, Timothy Rugh, Dennis Glick, 2016
Process Integration for Hygienic Design, Greg Marconnet, 2016
Embracing Hygienic Design: Opportunities and Challenges, Rick Heiman, 2015
Expanding Knowledge of Hygienic Equipment Design, Steve Stoner, 2015
Achieving and Assuring Hygienic Design and Performance, Carl Buell, 2014
Perspectives on Achieving and Assuring Hygienic Design, Steven Sims, 2014
Basics of Sanitary Design, Dan Erickson, 2014
Achieving Hygienic Design the Education Mission of 3-A SSI, Larry Hanson, 2014
Hygienic Design: Achieving and Assuring - Fabricators Perspective, Terry Gardner, 2014
The True Cost of Hygienic Design, Rolando Gonzalez, 2013
3-A SSI for Beginners and the Basics of Sanitary Design, Larry Hanson, Ron Schmidt, Tim Rugh, Tracy Schonrock, 2012
The Complete Approach, Joe Stout, 2011

Equipment Design

Materials Hygienic Seal Design with Elastomers - Anders Christensen, AVK Gummi, 2017             
It Depends… Selecting Materials for Sanitary Applications, Gabe Miller, 2012
Corrosion and Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel Sanitary Equipment, James D. Fritz, 2012
Why and How to Passivate Stainless Steels, Richard E. Avery, 2011
Rubber and Plastics Formulations for Food Contact, Mike Zumbrum, Roger Avakian, 2010
Selection and Evaluation of Stainless Steel, Outokumpu, James Fritz, 2010
Cast Stainless Steel Technology Developments, Raymond Monroe, 2010
Equipment / Components What’s New for Hygienic Mechanical Seals?, Terry Wolfe, 2016
Sanitary Stainless Electric Motor Design, John Oleson, 2013
Hygienic Design of Seals, Ferdinand Schwabe, Illustrations by Can Tobias Schwabe, 2012
Designing for the Customer’s Hygienic Applications, Randy Verges, 2012
Designing for the Customer’s Hygienic Applications, Jim LeClair, 2012
3-A Practice for Permanently Installed Product and Solution Pipelines and Cleaning Systems Used in Milk and Milk Product Processing Plants, Rocklyn R. Bates, 2012
Simplified Sanitary Design Solutions, Stuart Salvador, 2011
Sanitary Couplings: EHEDG and 3-A, Andy Timperley, 2010
Welding Welding in the Food Industry - Jay Petter, Quality Tank Solutions; Larry Hanson CIP Concepts, LLC, 2017       
Laser Welding Insights and Applications - Peter Merhof, GEA Tuchenhagen GmbH, 2017            
Hygienic Welding: How Do You Know When It’s Right? Geir Moe, 2016
Sanitary Weld Review & Acceptability, Steven Sims, 2012
Sanitary Weld Review & Acceptability, Dick Avery, 2012
Installation Installations Affecting 3-A Equipment, Dennis Glick, 2011
Maintenance Keeping It 3-A! Challenges Facing the Dairy and Food Plant Maintenance Manager, Dan Erickson, 2011
3-A Third Party Verification… What Have We Learned? Lyle W. Clem, Daniel J. Erickson, 2011
Comments on 3-A from Illinois, Don Wilding, 2011
Robotics / Automation / Information Systems What Is Your Control System Telling You? Kyle R. Weatherly, 2016
Design Challenges for Automation, Andy Hansbrough, 2013
Customer Expectations - Productivity and Hygienic Design, Don Wickstrum, 2013
Plant Automation and the New Challenges for 3-A Design, Lyle W. Clem, 2013
Robotics in the Food Industry Processing & Packaging, Bob Rochelle, 2013
Specialized Applications  Making the Right Choice: Metal Detection, X-Ray or Both - John Yacoub, Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc., 2017
Facility Design and Environmental Controls N/A Case Study: New Food Plant Safety Plan - Mike Green, GFS Resource Group LLC, 2017
Microbial Transfer and Facility Hygiene Controls - Rick Heiman, Global Hygiene, 2017
Factory Siting, Layout and Building Design, Andrew Timperley, 2014
Keys to a Successful Project, Marco Di Gino, Brad Chicoine, 2014
Cleaning and Sanitizing N/A New Strategies for Biofilm Elimination - Dr. Scott Burnett, Ecolab, 2017
Sanitation Challenges in Retail Delis: An Opportunity, Susan R. Hammons, 2016
Surface Finishes and Clean ability, Paul Kennedy, 2015
Validation of Cleaning Systems: Allergens, Melanie Downs, 2015
Potential Savings in CIP of Food Production Plants through Hygienic Design, Andreas Dorner, 2013
Electro-Chemical Activation (ECA), Gabe Miller, 2012
Good Manufacturing Practices N/A Hygienic Equipment Design by the Numbers, Edyta Margas & Steve Blackowiak, 2016
Pet Food Processing: New Attention to Hygienic Design, Michele M. Evans, 2015
New Approaches to Improving Your Profitability by Controlling Spores, David Blomquist, 2015
Foreign Matter Testing, Nigel Turnpenny, John Yacoub, 2010
3-A 3-A Standards Marketplace Benefits - Tim Rugh, 3-A SSI, 2017  
3-A: the Symbol of Excellence - Helen Piotter, Dean Foods, 2017
The New 3-A Sanitary Standards General Requirements Streamlining & Modernizing the 3-A Program, Update, Lyle W. Clem, 2015
The New 3-A Sanitary Standards General Requirements Streamlining & Modernizing the 3-A Program, Lyle W. Clem, 2014
The 3-A Process: 3-A Symbol Licensing Program - Commercial Oversight, Tracy Schonrock 2011
Other Regulations Advanced Sanitation: The Future of Safer Food - Dr. Angela Anandappa, Alliance for Advanced Food Sanitation, 2017
Claims of Conformance to 3-A Standards by Non-Symbol Holders, Hugh Webster, 2016
Global Food Safety: Hygienic Design & Food Safety Audits – Introduction/Overview, Ron Schmidt, 2016
Global Food Safety: Hygienic Design & Food Safety Audits Regulatory Perspective, Allen Sayler, 2016
FIT Program, Mike Grogan, 2016
Hygienic Design for Food Process Equipment in Asia, Gary Coates, 2015
FSMA Update: The Role of 3-A in Your Preventive Controls Plan, Ronald H. Schmidt, 2015
Where Hygienic Design and Food Safety Law Collide, Shawn K. Stevens, 2015
FSMA Update: 3-A Equipment in Your Preventive Control Plan, Allen R. Sayler, 2014
Raising the Bar: Hygienic Equipment Design in the Baking Industry, Jennifer Frankenberg, 2013
The 3-A Advantage in Preventive Controls, Allen Sayler, 2013
Where Does 3-A Fit?: Emerging Industry Needs, Timothy J. Bowser, 2012
Food Safety: Where Does 3-A Fit, Steven Sims, 2012
Regional Dairy Equipment Review Committees, Randy Elsberry, 2011
New Food Safety Legislation - Where Are We Going? Ron Schmidt, 2011
New Food Safety Legislation Industry Perspective, Jon Anderson, 2011
Major Opportunities & Challenges in Food Safety & 3-A's Role, Allen R. Sayler, 2010
EHEDG N/A EHEDG and the Added Value of Hygienic Design for Food Processors - Patrick Wouters Cargill B.V., 2017
What’s new in EHEDG?, Ludvig Josefsberg, 2016
The State of Hygienic Engineering and the Challenges of EHEDG, Knuth Lorenzen, 2014
EHEDG Guideline Separators, Reinhard Moß, 2011
EHEDG Introduction, Knuth Lorenzen, 2010