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Inside 3-A: 3-A SSI Conducts First Briefing Session in China

Inside 3-A: 3-A SSI Conducts First Briefing Session in China


3-A SSI representatives conducted the first-ever Information Sharing Session in Wenzhou, China on July 20, 2017.  The goal of this special program was to introduce companies from around the region to the 3-A Symbol program and the role of 3-A SSI in ‘Promoting Food Safety Through Hygienic Design’. 

Presenters at the Information Sharing Session were Gabe Miller (certified Conformance Evaluator), Bart S. Fisher (Law Office of Bart S. Fisher), and Jerry Yang (Hangzhou Compo Testing & Technology Service Co., Ltd.).  The title for the session was “The 3-A Symbol:  What Is It and Why Is It Important.”   The half-day program was very successful with about 40 in attendance, including 30 companies.  The attendees included companies from other parts of China, Thailand and Taiwan. 

Gabe Miller’s presentation focused on the compliance process and the way in which inspections are conducted to assure compliance with the 3-A Sanitary Standards.  Bart Fisher’s presentation focused on the steps underway to protect the integrity of the 3-A Symbol in China and the United States.  Jerry Yang spoke about the resources of 3-A SSI that are available to support applicants for 3-A Symbol authorization, including the 3-A SSI website.

During the visit to China, Bart Fisher also met with officials in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing to brief them about the 3-A SSI education activities in China and the ongoing concerns of 3-A SSI about non-compliant exporters to the United States.  3-A SSI is undertaking several actons to help stem the imports of non-authorized products showing the 3-A Symbol from China.

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