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3-A SSI Sponsorship Works for You!

3-A SSI Sponsorship Works for You!

Now is the time to order your Sponsored Link to expand your company recognition and support the exciting education mission of 3-A SSI in 2018!  Increase your company’s recognition among the professionals who rely on 3-A SSI as the leading source for authoritative information on hygienic design. These visitors are highly interested in hygienic design and motivated to find solutions in the marketplace, such as:

  • Materials testing services

  • Equipment design specialists

  • Facility and Systems design specialists

  • Cleaning and sanitizing systems specialists

  • Suppliers of equipment built to 3-A Sanitary Standards and systems designed to meet 3-A Accepted Practices

  • Components or materials used in the production or maintenance of equipment built to 3-A Sanitary Standards and systems designed to meet 3-A Accepted Practices…and more.

With more on-line training resources and the expanded education programs in 2018, 3-A SSI will attract even more highly motivated professionals searching for the specialized equipment, services and networking resources they need. Let us help them find you!

As a sponsor, your company will receive a rotating Sponsored Link placed prominently on the 3-A SSI website. And you will receive much more than just a link, you will receive added recognition and up to three complimentary registrations for the 3-A SSI Annual Meeting and Education program in May.  See details at: http://www.3-a.org/Knowledge-Center/Get-a-Sponsored-Link.  Sign up on line or contact Michael Drumm at mdrumm@3-a.org or 703-790-0295 Ext. 3 today.


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