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The Symbol of Assurance For Hygienic Design Integrity You Can Trust

The Symbol of Assurance For Hygienic Design Integrity You Can Trust


If you supply equipment made in conformance with a 3-A Sanitary Standard, the 3-A Symbol can work for you!


The 3-A Symbol is far more than a logo.  The mark is available for voluntary use by fabricators to signify the equipment was designed, manufactured, and verified by independent inspection to conform to a 3-A Sanitary Standard.

  • 3-A Sanitary Standards embody decades of expert knowledge about hygienic equipment design from regulatory professionals and others.

  • 3-A Sanitary Standards streamline the equipment inspection process and help ensure the safety of food.

  • The 3-A Symbol signifies equipment is compatible with regulatory requirements and guidelines.


Benefits of the 3-A Symbol

  • Equipment Fabricators capitalize on the added assurance that conveys to buyers with the 3-A Symbol or a 3-A SSI certificate, leading to a competitive advantage and better profits.

  • Processors gain confidence that the equipment they buy meets the highest standards in hygienic design, streamlining equipment selection, maintenance, and inspections.

  • Regulatory Sanitarians benefit from a higher level of confidence in the hygienic design and performance of the equipment they inspect.


Build Consumer Confidence in Your Replacement Parts

Do you supply items that are integral to hygienic equipment or environments but not eligible to show the 3-A Symbol? Now is the time to consider the 3-A SSI Replacement Parts and System Component Qualification Certificate (RPSCQC). 


The RPSCQC certificate is available to manufacturers of replacements parts or system components.  The RPSCQC is beneficial to certificate holders and customers because it affirms that such parts or system components are compatible with the design criteria found in the relevant 3-A Sanitary Standard(s). The RPSCQC is an effective way to enhance the confidence of customers who demand the highest level of consumer confidence in the safety of foods produced with hygienic equipment.

A copy of the certificate of conformance is posted on the 3-A SSI web site to show independent verification of hygienic design criteria for your parts or components.  See details on the RPSCQC program at www.3-a.org under ‘Parts/Process Certificates’.



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