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3-A SSI Announces Free Briefing Session in China

3-A SSI will sponsor a special briefing in China to help promote awareness of 3-A Sanitary Standards in the marketplace for food processing equipment and the benefits of the 3-A Symbol.  This is the first special briefing exclusively about 3-A SSI and the 3-A Symbol ever conducted in China for equipment manufacturers.

The information session ‘The 3-A Symbol: What Is It and Why Is It Important?’ will be held on Thursday, July 20 at the Wenzhou Binhai Grand Hotel in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.  Key topics planned for the half-day briefing will include the history and role of 3-A SSI, the importance of the 3-A Symbol for hygienic equipment, use of the 3-A Symbol and U.S. trade in licensed products, and support resources available to obtain 3-A Symbol authorization. Presenters for the program will include Mr. Gabe Miller (Pi-FS, LLC), a credentialed Certified Conformance Evaluator, Mr. Bart Fisher (Law Office of Bart S. Fisher), international trade counsel for 3-A SSI, and Mr. Jerry Yang (Hangzhou Compo Testing & Technology Service Co., Ltd.).

3-A SSI is sponsoring the briefing at no charge for all interested China equipment manufacturers with the goal of spreading knowledge about 3-A SSI and the 3-A Symbol. The presentations will emphasize how 3-A Sanitary Standards and the 3-A Symbol help meet the needs of food processors who select equipment to help assure the highest level of consumer confidence in the safety of foods.

See the announcement and links to the program, hotel, and registration at http://www.3-a.org/Whats-Going-On-at-3-A/Events.  3-A SSI recommends pre-registration for interested participants; registration may also be made on-site at the session, space available.

Please share this announcement with all interested contacts in China or the region.


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