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3-A SSI 2017 Student Travel Award Recipients

 3-A SSI 2017 Student Travel Award Recipients

3-A SSI hosted five recipients of the 3-A SSI 2017 Student Travel Award this year at the recent education program and annual meeting. The program helps motivated, career-oriented students to gain comprehensive knowledge about hygienic design for food processing equipment and systems.

The recipients of the 2017 awards include:

Akhil Reddy Bora                            Texas Tech University

Diego Casas                                     Texas Tech University

Yungi Huang                                    Ohio State University

Ishwar Katawal                                Texas Tech University

Subbiah Nagappan                           Ohio State University

The 3-A SSI program reflected high interest this year in the number of applicants, the level of professional achievement and the number of awards granted.  According to 3-A SSI David Kedzierski (Cabot Cheese), “Hygienic equipment design is a fundamental element of assuring food safety.  We have made great efforts to publicize efforts in education and to gain attention with the academic leaders in our associated fields. 3-A SSI gives these future food industry professionals a great opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about hygienic equipment design in the real world and network with a truly diverse group of industry leaders.”

Recipients of the 2017 awards demonstrated interest and commitment to food safety and quality as a student enrolled full-time in a food technology, food science, dairy science or other closely related program (undergraduate or graduate level) at a college or university in the U.S. or Canada.  Award recipients were selected by a 3-A SSI review committee on the basis of a personal essay, official transcripts and a letter of recommendation from a faculty member or department head.


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