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Record Turnout for 3-A SSI 2017 Education Program


Record Turnout for 3-A SSI 2017 Education Program

3-A SSI hosted the largest crowd ever for its expanded yearly education programs this year in a brand new setting, the Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport-Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.  The education programs on May 1-2 were designed to provide high-value learning and networking for industry professionals seeking a good ‘basics’ introduction and those interested in advanced applications knowledge.

3-A SSI welcomed 270 participants from all segments of the industry, including processors, fabricators and regulatory professionals, from across the U.S. and nine other countries around the world.

The 2017 program opened on May 1 with an expanded introductory workshop, 3-A SSI and the Basics of Hygienic Design.  This full-day program was designed especially for industry newcomers and early career professionals, or anyone wishing to review the fundamentals.  Led by Greg Marconnet (Mead & Hunt) and Larry Hanson (CIP Concepts, LLC), the program began with a quick overview of 3-A SSI, then a comprehensive look at the entire building envelope all the way through the details of equipment fabrication, installation, operation, cleaning and maintenance. Key learning points included Principles of Hygienic Design, Cleaning, Application of 3-A Principles to Equipment Design and Fabrication, Designing for Hygienic Installation, and more. The program featured hands-on segments to help illustrate the hygienic equipment design principles in ‘real world’ equipment fabrication.

The second full day of education on May 2 showcased the theme, 3-A Equipment and Beyond: Applying 3-A Principles to Food & Beverage Processing Environments. The program featured leading experts on timely topics reflecting the current developments, future challenges and new opportunities for hygienic design in the food industry.  Key topics and speakers included:

  • Advanced Sanitation – The Future of Safer Food – Dr. Angela Anandappa, Alliance for Advanced Food Sanitation

  • 3-A Outcomes in Facility Design – Helen Piotter, Dean Foods

  • Effective Cross-Contamination Control – Dr. Kathy Glass, Food Research Institute, Univ. of Wisconsin/Madison

  • EHEDG and the Added Value of Hygienic Design for Food Processors – Patrick Wouters, Cargill B.V.

  • New Strategies for Biofilm Elimination – Dr. Scott Burnett, Ecolab

  • Microbial Transfer and Facility Hygiene Controls – Rick Heiman, Kerry Group

  • Case Study: New Plant Food Safety Plan – Mike Green, GFS Resource Group

  • EHEDG and the Added Value of Hygienic Design for Food Processors – Patrick Wouters, Cargill B.V.

  • Hygienic Seal Design With Elastomers – Anders Christensen, AVK Gummi

  • Detection Technologies – John Yacoub, Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc.

  • Hygienic Welding: What You Need To Know – Larry Hanson, CIP Concepts, LLC and Jay Petter, Quality Tank Solutions

  • Laser Welding Insights and Applications - Peter Merhof, GEA Tuchenhagen GmbH

May 3 and May 4 featured the 3-A SSI Annual Meeting and Work Group meetings. 

If you were not able to attend, you can still enjoy the presentations!  Presentations are available at no charge in the Knowledge Center at www.3-a.org, or go to: http://www.3-a.org/Knowledge-Center/Annual-Meeting-Presentations. See photo highlights at the 3-A SSI FaceBook.

Mark Your Calendar for 2018!

3-A SSI will return to the Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Mall of America. On May 14-17, 2018. Watch the 3-A SSI webs site Events section for more details later this year.

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