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3-A Symbol Holder Database

3-A SSI maintains all 3-A Symbol authorizations or licenses on a calendar year basis. The database of 3-A Symbol licensees is updated on a periodic basis throughout the year as new licenses are added.  Updates are made more frequently early in the year as late renewals are completed.

Are you looking for specific information on a current 3-A Symbol licensee?

You may find certificate information for a company by searching by one of the following:

  • Company Name—If you know the name or first letter(s) of the company, you can use this search to obtain a list of all licenses or certificates maintained by the company.
  • Authorization/Certificate Number—Each license or certificate has a unique number. This is the most expedient way to obtain a certificate of interest.
  • Standard Number/Equipment Type—All of the licensees under a specific standard number or type of equipment will be shown in alphabetical order by company name.

Once you locate the specific license or certificate, you may print a copy of the sample certificate. If the information on a certificate differs from the information you receive from a licensee, please contact 3-A SSI promptly.


Any piece of equipment that DOES NOT display the 3-A Symbol is to be considered as not covered by any aspect of the 3-A Symbol Authorization Program.
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