Manage 3-A Symbol Authorizations (Apply/Renew/Amend)

For general information on 3-A Symbol Authorizations and the associated Third Party Verification (TPV) inspection requirements, see Third Party Verification Programs. Whether you are submitting the application for a new symbol, or you wish to renew or amend an existing 3-A Symbol Authorization, a checklist of the specific documents that must be submitted to 3-A SSI is shown in the Third Party Verification (TPV) Manual, Section C. You will also need to create an online profile, complete payment, and acknowledge the associated declarations and provisions within the 3-A SSI License Agreement.

Apply for the New 3-A Symbol Authorization

For instructions on creating your user account for all online applications, please visit the Application for a New 3-A Symbol Quick Guide

Renew the 3-A Symbol Authorization/Certificate 

3-A SSI maintains an on-line system for licensees to submit a renewal or an amendment to an existing 3-A Symbol authorization. Use the on-line system to submit your renewal or amendment to an existing 3-A Symbol authorization. You can find a user-friendly introduction to this system under the Quick Guides Introduction to the New 3-A SSI Online System

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